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Hey it's birdsnbows! This blog will be mostly about DC comics and other things as well enjoy :-)!
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Little sketch of Aunt Dinah helping Lian tie her shoes

because I will never not miss this familyyyy

"Magic is costly. You take what you didn’t earn, but you pay for it. You want to trust me on that.”

val’s endless list of favorite things:
→ iris west-allen, as drawn by karl kerschl

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Favourite Wonder Woman artists ★ Marguerite Sauvage


Donna Troy as Wonder Woman: Requested by Ecstasyinthestreets

"I was born of magic. A child of the amazons. The champion of  the gods. Blessed with their gifts, I was chosen to impart their will to a world that does not believe in them. To fight for peace in a world at war. To be willing to die for my mission, but never kill. My mission is an impossible one, but I’m not about to let that stop me. My name is Donna Troy… and I’m the new Wonder Woman."

Women of Color in DC Comics

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Connor Hawke for soldieress



Girls just wanna have fun

Well, hey! Here’s a color version of my Craig Cermak commission!